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Thread: New Copyright Bill Heading to DC

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    New Copyright Bill Heading to DC

    I was considering putting this Wired News article in the Rants & Flames discussion. I figure that is the kind of response it rightfully deserves. Read on.

    "Music and record industry lobbyists are quietly readying an all-out assault on Congress this fall in hopes of dramatically rewriting copyright laws.

    With the help of Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.), the powerful chairman of the Senate Commerce committee , they hope to embed copy-protection controls in nearly all consumer electronic devices and PCs. All types of digital content, including music, video and e-books, are covered.",1283,46655,00.html

    Jim H

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    Re: New Copyright Bill Heading to DC

    Big Brother? Hmmm anyone feel like they are being watched?

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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