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Thread: To kill or not to kill

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    To kill or not to kill

    Well, it seems as though Osama buddy may be cornered in a 30 mile square area if you can believe the press reports.Question: Do we kill the son of a bitch on sight or do we take him prisoner?Question: Do we try him in crimnal court or in a military court.Question: Do we allow him to be tried by the UN? (World Court I think it's called)Who has an opinion on these issues.

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    Re: To kill or not to kill

    This has been my opinion on the matter from the start, and it hasn't mileage may vary.
    I feel, that if bin laden and his cronies are indeed captured, *I* would like to see them put to death and their heads skewered on stakes on the shores of Eliis Island.
    Just as a subtle message to any future possible fucknuts.

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    Re: To kill or not to kill

    My personal opinion is that I don't care where we kill him at, and I wouldn't mind knowing that they shoved a A-G missile right up his ass. Especially one of those bunker busters, I'd really enjoy knowing the fact that parts of Osama are spread out all over that 30 mile radius!

    If we do capture him, which seems like an unecessary risk to our troops since they definitely have the homeland advantage in those blasted mountains. Everyone who wants to sign up should get their own crack at him, not allowed to kill him, but allowed to get one blow in, with whatever non fatal tool you can find. I think I'd take two pliers and show him an American Style Titty Twister? What would you guys do?

    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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