I have been running XP on 2 of the machines in my home sice beta1. As a developer and network administrator I don't have much of a choice. The 5 other machines have 2 linux, 2 Windows CE, and 1 Novell. Also have a Palm OS.

Windows XP is Windows 2000 with a new look if you want it. You can use the standard Windows 2000 appearance if that is what is preferred. I haven't had any crashes with the XP machines but have found that a lot of things don't work with it. Many of the application that run on Windows 2000 including the drivers don't work. Innoculate PC, my preferred virus software is not supported.

Unfortunately I will always have a Windows system in the house for development and networking purposes. After using Windows since Windows 1.0 I can finally get away from it for my day to day things such as email, internet, and some development. With the new Christtmas virus that just came out I can only say that I am glad that I made the switch. If my wife wasn't so hooked on Paint Shop Pro Linux would be on her system too.

The bottom line on Windows XP is, the system is stable and pretty. It is good for home users that have a hard time grasping concepts. It is a good workplace system because of the stability of the Office products.

Would I purchase another Microsoft product? More than likely yes becuase it is part of the industry that I chose to work in. Will I develop on my own against XP? No only for work. Would I recommend XP? Yes to some people no to others. XP does have the one nice feature of allowing someone to work on your system remotely similar to PC Anywhere. I deal with some stupid people that I maintain their systems for and that is one feature that I do like.