I've just got samba running on my computer to let me see the network that my machine is on. (This was remarkably easy after a few false starts!). This a home network and has a server which runs under linux and the other computers run under the Dark Side (Win 95).

As my office is in a building separate from the house, and I do most of the paper generating, the printer (HP 830C) is connected to my computer... fair enough I don't want to walk over to the house every time I print something. My children also want to use the printer for educational things like homework, printing Pokemon cards etc.

Does anyone know how I can set things up so that those pesky Windows machines can print from my printer when I'm running linux? I assume that there is some feature in samba or something similar.

On a related subject, we have a print server (HP JetDirect 150X) which allows us to make the printer accessible to the network without going through my computer. We have not been able to track down any linux drivers to make it work... we've tried HP's site but without success. It uses IPX but just won't go under the linux IPX. (That's my translation of my son's explanation of the problem- he's the houseohld network guy and anything network is a mystery to me!) Do you know if there is any way to make these things work under linux?



PS I hope this comes out not too garbled- it's been doing weird things while I've been typing it up!