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Thread: Connecting to NT Domain-Winbind

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    Connecting to NT Domain-Winbind

    I installed samba 2.2.2 on my Redhat 7.1 . I'm able to connect to my network and browse the internet. However, I wish to login directly to my NT Domain and I've setup winbind. However, this file seems to be missing -
    Does anyone know where I can get it?. I have the sourcecode, but I can't compile it. Too many errors. Thanx.

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    Re: Connecting to NT Domain-Winbind

    Looking at the Samba docs on Winbind I found this:

    Installation and Configuration

    The easiest way to install winbind is by using the packages provided in the pub/samba/appliance/ directory on your nearest Samba mirror. These packages provide snapshots of the Samba source code and binaries already setup to provide the full functionality of winbind. This setup is a little more complex than a normal Samba build as winbind needs a small amount of functionality from a development code branch called SAMBA_TNG.

    Once you have installed the packages you should read the winbindd man page which will provide you with configuration information and give you sample configuration files. You may also wish to update the main Samba daemons smbd and nmbd) with a more recent development release, such as the recently announced Samba 2.2 alpha release.

    Winbind uses the authentication management and password management PAM interface to integrate Windows NT users into a UNIX system. This allows Windows NT users to log in to a UNIX machine and be authenticated against a suitable Primary Domain Controller. These users can also change their passwords and have this change take eect directly on the Primary Domain Controller.

    PAM is configured by providing control files in the directory /etc/pam.d/ for each of the services that require authentication. When an authentication request is made by an application the PAM code in the C library looks up this control file to determine what modules to load to do the authentication check and in what order. This interface makes adding a new authentication service for Winbind very easy, all that needs to be done is that the module is copied to /lib/security/ and the pam control files for relevant services are updated to allow authentication via winbind. See the PAM documentation for more details.

    I looked on a samba ftp site and there are binary and source rpms called samba-appliance. From the readme on the ftp site.

    NOTE: the appliance RPMS have been removed as they are out of date. For the latest version of winbind, please look in the HEAD branch of Samba in CVS. For help on checking out CVS versions of Samba, go to:

    I looked on rawhide mirror also and there are samba 2.2.2 rpms. These might contain Winbind by default might consider trying to rebuild the source rpms on your RH 7.1 system. I would not recommend using the binary rpms. My RH 7.2 system came with Samba 2.2.1a. It does not have the Winbind module.

    Jim H

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