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Thread: S3Virge card 86C325

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    S3Virge card 86C325

    I have an older AMD K6-166MHz PC on which I would like to use Mandrake Linux. However, with version 8.0, I cannot get the x-window to install. After the bootloader, when it should bring up the x-configiration, the system just freezes. Since we have a couple of the same configurations at work, I want this to work. Version 7.x (all) worked.
    I can do a text configure of the x-windows but not graphical


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    Re: S3Virge card 86C325

    I had the exact same problem except for on a cyrix pc 133 mhz.....what I had to do is boot from the CD again and do the expert upgrade option and then wait till it goto the X Configuration....I then had to play with the settings....

    Get your EXACT monitor settings
    and the EXACT type of card you have...

    for somereason harddrake doesn't detect vcards and monitors as well on older computers and just uses defaults that don't work....

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    Re: S3Virge card 86C325

    Mandrake solved this problem with 8.1

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