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Thread: Linux, WLAN and VPN? OMG!

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    Linux, WLAN and VPN? OMG!

    You don't have to read this post if you're not able to help me (a bit better than a newbie) make a VPN connection to my ISP, including username/password authentication.

    I have a P II - 333, 160MB and Windows 98 SE and Red Hat 7.3. My ISP uses WaveLAN (Lucent a.k.a. Orinoco cards) to give >1Mbit Internet connection. It uses Nortel Networks IPsec Client to make a VPN connection and give "outside" ip-address 195.197.*.*(the WLAN gives me a "inside" ip-address ). I have a username and a password that I authenticate with.

    It also works with the Windows' VPN thingy, but with half of the speed of the Nortel's. In Windows XP the VPN works as well as the IPsec, so my ISP recommends using it in XP, but my computer can't handle XP (used my friends computer).


    I have tried several Linux Distributions (Debian, Mandrake, BEST Linux, Slackware and now Red Hat). These are also every Linux Distributions I've seen/used. Before ever even seeing Linux I downloaded a copy of Debian "potato" 2.2.

    After several re-intalls and desperate tries to get my WaveLAN PC-Card working (in a PCMCIA PCI-card on my workstation). Then I thought of trying to compile a newer Kernel (2.4.5 which didn't work with my IDE hard-disk, and later the "new" 2.4.7).

    After learning from the documentation that came within the package, I was able to compile it and boot with it. Magic! The card worked(found it), and with some messing around (very messy, since at that point I didn't really understand how Linux worked and what actually happened during the boot-up process..) with modprobe and PCMCIA -network batches (or scripts, don't know really how to call 'em) in /etc/pcmcia, I was able to create an eth0 device! Problem was, that at that point I could only access my ISP's network. Luckily that included unix -shell and a http/ftp proxy

    Ofcourse I know what I should do know, read a HOW-TO on VPN, but most of the stuff I found wasn't really about what I needed. So I'm asking if anyone can help me with this. I need a VPN Client that can make a connection to my ISP and authenticate with username/password.

    I can tell pretty detailed information on the VPN (since the IPsec client is very informative) connection if needed.

    This wouldn't only be helping me, but all the Linux users that are using this same internet connection (have met some in linux -forums and they've also been looking for the same thing as I). So PLEASE help.

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    Re: Linux, WLAN and VPN? OMG!

    A buddy of mine has to make a similar VPN connection to his Dutch ISP that gave hime nothing but headaches, but was successful with both mandrake 8.1 and FreeBSD. He's been on vacation for several weeks, but once he returns I'll ask him what the deal was, and if was the same situation you're in, how he solved it.

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    Re: Linux, WLAN and VPN? OMG!


    Mail me then to this address:

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