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    New Scientist has an article on a "safer" version of the C programming language.

    The language Cyclone is being created by a team of computer scientists at Cornell University and AT&T Labs in New York. Cyclone is a redesigned version of the programming language C, which is currently used to create many applications for different types of computers.

    Cyclone is designed to make almost impossible the inclusion of major bugs that force software vendors to release software patches and can lead to security breaches.

    I downloaded, compiled and installed it, but haven't read or looked at the docs yet. Something else to play with. ;D

    You can download a copy here:

    Jim H

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    Re: Cyclone

    Very cool, will have to give that a spin after I get done with my Python projects, then I learn PHP, then I can learn Cyclone!

    Whew, lots of work ahead of me! :-/

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