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Thread: A good C book?

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    Re:A good C book?

    yep, that me

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    Re: A good C book?

    hmm, post maybe? this could very possibly bring it back up for other people to check it, no real point in posting, I hear the K&R is the best reference book but itself may be too advanced to Learn C from, but once you already have an understanding of C then it is a great book, i dunno tho, cuz I dont have it, but this is what i have been told by others.
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    Re: A good C book?

    The K&R Book is the definitive reference book for C programming. It's the "C Bible" as it were. It isn't the greatest book to use for self motivated study of the language, but it's what I used to learn the language. I had a background in pascal which helped. A better book to learn by would be the Deitel and Deitel book "C++ How to Program" which covers C in the first half, and C++ in the second half of the book. It has lots of example code and tips on what good / bad programming practices to use.

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