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Thread: E-Mail Client Questions...

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    E-Mail Client Questions...

    Under windows, I can use Outlook Express as a client to retrieve shit from my "Hotmail" account. Now, this seems like it would be an easy task in linux, but alas, I'm stumped like a legless midget.

    From what I can see, outlook express uses "" as the "INCOMING MAIL" information, and uses an "HTTP" Mail option instead of "POP" Mail. None of the email programs that came with my Linux distrobution will allow me to acheive this. I have tried on:

    If anyone knows what I can do to get this working, please let me know.


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    Re: E-Mail Client Questions...

    Simply put, you can't... well, you can if you pay microsoft some ungodly fee for pop3 access. Otherwise, it's outlook express or the web interface

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    Re: E-Mail Client Questions...

    What is even worse than that, is if you have an MSN account, they have removed pop3 access from anywhere except for Outlook Express as well. They are doing that whole take over your desktop thing to the supreme. MSN's email is now solely through hotmail and that limits your email retrieving by quite a bit. Sorry man.

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