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Thread: Is Linux the answer? will it provide me stability?

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    Is Linux the answer? will it provide me stability?

    Okay -
    My current home setup - Five pc's, Two xbox, One internet enabled freeview cable box, One wireless PDA and One wireless broadband router. No PC is set as a server, however Daddies(me) pc has a set of four mirrored drives (Hardware raid) which are now full of photo's, music, home videos, and all household documents

    My Problem - children...can I just use your pc dad. . . then we have no music, no movies no connection etc etc. Also data is spread over different machines and so some is never backed up.

    My solution? - I have an old PIII 300mhz in my basement. (coincidentally, there is a cat5 point there too) - Is LINUX the answer? - rack up all the 'second' hard drives from all the machines into this one machine and install nothing but linux so that we all share those drives? Is this a sensible approach? Will it work? Pitfalls?

    Any help or opinons would be welcome

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    Go for it, its a perfect solution. Good way to get some hands on with linux too. I have a similiar setup on a PII 266 celery box running fedora. Use it for file server and print server, and in house website for goofing off. No GUI, just command line. I'm a linux noooooob too but got it working. Plus its free.

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