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Thread: installing qt

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    installing qt

    Hello, I could really use some help with this install file. the goal is to setup kdevelop1.2, right now i am trying to install qt1.45 so I can link kdevelop to the libraries and since i'm a new linux user i get lost easily.

    according to the install file it says:

    2. Set some environment variables in the file .profile (or .login, depending on your shell) in your home directory. (Create the file if it is not there already.)

    QTDIR - wherever youinstalled Qt
    PATH - to locate the moc program
    MANPATH - to access the Qt man pages
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH - for the shared Qt library

    This is done like this:
    In .profile (in case your shell if bash, ksh, zsh or sh):
    if [ $MANPATH ]
    I'm not sure where EXactly i am suppose to create or find the ".profile" file . I did try and create one in the directory of / and a few others that i thought might be the home directory( i'd be more specific but i would have to reboot back into linux to find out, thanks to those stupid winmodems). I did find a file called .bash_profile, I tried to add the text above to the file but still couldnt get it to work.

    I've also tried to enter the text in the command line but after typing FI, it says "cannot find directory /usr/local/qt/man. but the directory does exist

    well i need to reboot into linux so to make sure i am getting my stories straight . i will be posting back so if you need any more info before giving advice please post it. I want to keep this short anyway and avoid asking to many questions at once. Thanks for your time

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    Re: installing qt

    What distribution and version of Linux are you using? There could be several different wasy to this.

    As the root user, open the file /etc/profile. This will make the changes available to all users. Add these lines:

    export PATH QTDIR

    You will already have an "export" instead of adding your own you can just add QTDIR to the end of it. It will already be exporting the PATH variable. Just place your QTDIR and PATH statements before the export line.

    The manpages should have automatically been installed in /usr/local/man. This should already be in you MANPATH You shouldnt have to set it. You can get a listing of where man looks for manpages by typing at a console prompt: man --path
    For more information you can at a console prompt type: man man

    The manpage paths should be set in /etc/man.config This will probably be distribution specific.

    To set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH open the file /etc/ and add the path to your qt libraries it should be: /usr/local/qt/lib

    Save the changes. Then at the console prompt type: ldconfig
    This will update your

    You don't have to reboot for the changes to /etc/profile to take effect. Just logout and log back in too re-read /etc/profile. Or you can at a console prompt type: source /etc/profile
    This doesn't seem to work on all distro's it is usually easier to just logout and login.

    It is seldom necessary to reboot Linux. You don't have to reboot everytime you make a change. Not like some other operating system that will go un-named. :

    If you are using an RPM or Debian based distribution all this is automated by just installing the proper packages.

    Jim H

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    Re: installing qt

    Thanks alot! That worked out really well! So I went on to install Kdevelop 1.2 after typing ./configure and halfway down the list i get this error:

    checking for KDE headers installed... configure: error: your system is not able to compile a small KDE application!

    Check, if you installed the KDE header files correctly.

    so I looked at the faq and I can see a similar error that says configure complains about not being able to compile a small kde application and Examining config.log reveals that it can't find the library libXext

    I checked the log and this don't seem to be the case
    so now im kinda stuck again
    oh yea i forgot to mention im using mandrake7.2 and kde2.0

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    Re: installing qt

    Since you are using Mandrake you could have saved yourself alot of work by just installing the qt and kde1-compat rpm's off your mandrake cd's. BUt you did learn how to edit you PATH statements anyway.

    From your mandrake cd's install the rpms:
    That should cure your problem with compiling kdevelop.

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    Re: installing qt

    I dont have any thing by those particular file names. I only 1 cd but there is quite a few files with *devel* in them. I'll check them out. thanks

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    Re: installing qt

    I should have put the full name, they should say:


    If you don't have them just download them from your favorite mandrake mirror site.

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