Well I figured since I was using a RH beta, I might as well try out an alpha office suite. ;D
OpenOffice build 638. You can take a nap waiting for it too load. :-/ But then I'm sure it hasn't been optimized yet this is only a snapshot. The desktop interface is now gone. ;D It starts up in StarWriter now, I don't see a way to pick what you want it to startup in. They should do something like KOffice's Workspace. The font display looks to be very much improved. ;D It has crashed and burned a few times, but I had one error on install this might be causing some of the problem, haven't looked into it yet and it isn't claimed to be stable or usuable. The are no help docs installed with it yet. Overall though it looks like it will be much improved over SO 5.2. Seems to use alot less memory for sure.