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    I am currently running Netscape v4.76 and it tends to lock up when ever it feels like it. I think that the current version is 6 or so. Is it worth it to upgrade? Is there a version that is stable? Thanks....

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    Re: Netscape

    What version and distribution of Linux are you using? Does it seem to lockup on a specific page or pages? Does it lockup on pages using java?

    I have netscape 4.7x lockups on occasion but, mostly on pages using java. I use Mozilla 0.9.4 as my primary browser. Works goods for the most part. Still has a few bugs. Renders pages better then netscape 4.7x. Fonts look alot nicer. I use Sun's java plugin 1.3.1 with it and it works much better on java pages then netscape. There is a slight hang (delay) sometimes when loading a page using a java applet after first starting Mozilla. Overall it works very good.

    Jim H

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    Re: Netscape

    Hey Jim - I'm running Redhat 7.1. I thinking about it earlier today and I think that it occurs when running Java stuff. When I look at top, Netscape is sucking up 94 - 98 percent of the cpu. I'll try mozilla. How about an email client? I'm using KMail 1.2 on KDE 2.1.1. The problem is that I'm losing file attachments. I hate to say it, but this hasn't happened with M$ Outlook. I don't think that it's my ISP. What do you use? How stable is it??? Thanks.

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    Re: Netscape

    I figured it was crashing on Java pages. It also does this in windoze.

    I use Kmail as my e-mail client. I haven't had any problems with it losing attachments. Are the attachments it loses of the same type? Are you downloading your e-mail directly from your ISP into kmail? I checked bugzilla but, there are not any public bugs listed about kmail losing attachments. You might want to go ahead and post this too bugzilla and see what response you get from RedHat.

    Make sure you give a very detailed description of the problem.

    I have used the Mozilla e-mail client on occasion. It is improved over the netscape 4.7x e-mail client. thekompany is working on an e-mail client for KDE called Aethera. Last time I tried one of the beta's it showed promise, but it wasn't even close to being ready for primetime.

    Doesn't look like they have had a release since the last one I tried If you have Gnome installed also you might give Slypheed a try. It should run under KDE. I haven't tried it but, I have seen some good comments about it.

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    Re: Netscape


    I'm currently running Netscape 6.01 with RedHat 7.1. It works OK but probably is a bit heavy on the RAM.

    I was using it under Windoze but I found it crashed regularly... no problem under Linux though.

    Java works OK as does Flash..

    Netscape 6 has the best rendering of fonts on screen that I've seen yet. Netscape 4.76 was terrible. I used Opera 5 for a few weeks but I found it just didn't cpoe with some sites- fonts were too small to read or colours made everything illegible. I've also used Star Office for limited browsing-- it's OK but it's not designed to be a browser and it doesn't do the job well IMO.

    I like the e-mail client in Netscape too- it has all the features I want like HTML and spell checking in compose.

    I'm not trying to plug the product. It's got it's problems, not the least being that it can be slow to respond, but it is the one that works best for me so far.

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