Hi everyone!

I've been trying to get wine going on some of my Windows programs. I would really like to try to get right away from the clutches of Microsoft, but that doesn't look like happening really soon :P

Some software goes really well under wine, but some programs just get to the introductory screen and then hang. I have to go to a console and kill every instance of wine I can find, and then for some reason it messes up my network configuration-- that just means opening the Network window, then deactivating and reactivating my network connection.

A classic case is Qiucken which I think dies when it tries to load the last data file that it accessed. When I made out I was a new user and had to set up new files it was happy, until I actually tried to load my real data.

A similar problem happens with Nelson's electronic Bible Reference Ligrary ("Logos"). It's OK until you actually try to access data. Unlike Quicken, it accesses its info. from CD. I tried re-installing it under wine instead of using the install I had done under windoze. The only difference is that it now plays the opening sound effects before dying.

Has anyone had similar experiences with wine (or any experience at all?). 8)