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Thread: Software Suggestions???

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    Software Suggestions???

    I was wondering if anyone had a software suggestion.
    I have a series of Word docs, that I have to be able to access them. They are more or less instructions or procedures. They don't have to stay as Word docs, I'd prefer them not to. This is Linux you know.
    Plus a calendar with tasks. I will need to view the docs from the calendar day, (a click and view). Then I have to log entered comments. Sort of a log or diary.
    I hate to say it, maybe something like Access. I'd rather not spend a lot of time coding, since I've started to receive everything.

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    Re: Software Suggestions???

    Hi garskoci. If you want to stick with windows compatibility, your best bet is StarOffice, IMHO. It has filters for word docs, and 6.0 supposedly maintains the doc format precisely.

    As for a calendar, I use KDE almost exlusively, and I found KOrginizer pretty intuitive. There are different views for daily,weekly and monthly calendars. Also, the to-do and notes are detailed (a bit too much for me anyway) and just might be wat ur looking for. Not sure about other desktop environments. I'm not sure what you meant by u need a db for a calendar program? wow, you must be pretty busy! jk
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Software Suggestions???

    Hey jk - I'm looking for something similar to M$ Access, but for Linux. Easy front end builder with a db behind it. The idea is to have a monthly calendar with the ability to log information for each day. Also, each day will display a task and if I were to click on the task a detailed explanation would be displayed. I don't want to get bogged down in coding, like everything else, it needs to be done yesterday. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: Software Suggestions???

    PostgreSQL and MySQL are two database choices to replace M$ Access. One or both are usually included with most distributions. You might try searching on for a frontend. RedHat's default is PostgreSQL.

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    Re: Software Suggestions???

    All I have played with is MySQL which is easy to set up but I don't know about a front end for it....I am SURE there is one though....freshmeat is definitely the place to look for something like that or even

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