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    Does anyone know if there is a good system "exerciser" out there? I 'm looking for an application that will keep the system busy with work. I just bought a new box and I want to beat on it for a week or so, to make sure that it's sound.

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    Re: Exerciser

    Yeah its called cron! :P


    You could always do some of the things like Seti@home or the other type projects...
    If you give a man a fire he'll be warm, if you light the man on fire he'll be warm for life.

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    Re: Exerciser

    OK, here is a script to beat up your box. Just copy it to a file and run it. Don't forget to make the file executable.

    chmod a+x filename

    #! /bin/bash
    #Beat up your new box script :-)
    #This will only work on RedHat kernel source
    #A vanilla kernel tree Configure does not have a non-interactive mode

    #To use this on a vanilla kernel tree remove the RedHat only section
    #You will have to setup a default config for the kernel compile to use.
    #make mrproper
    #make xconfig or make menuconfig
    #make dep
    #make clean
    #Then run the script

    #Change this as required


    while [ : ]
    #Start RedHat kernel source only
    echo "make mrproper"
    sleep 2
    make mrproper

    echo "make symlinks"
    make symlinks

    echo "Configure a default kernel"
    sleep 2
    #copy Configure to the toplevel directory to work around a path problem.
    #Configure looks for Documentation/ from the toplevel directory
    cp $KERNELSOURCE/scripts/Configure Configure
    /bin/sh Configure -D $KERNELSOURCE/arch/i386/

    echo "make dep"
    sleep 2
    make dep

    echo "make clean"
    sleep 2
    make clean
    #End RedHat kernel source only

    echo "make bzImage"
    sleep 2
    if (make bzImage > /dev/null) ; then
    echo "GOOD kernel compile at 'date'" >> /tmp/kernelcompile.txt
    echo "BAD kernel compile at 'date'" >> /tmp/kernelcompile.txt

    echo "make modules"
    sleep 2
    if (make modules > /dev/null ) ; then
    echo "GOOD modules compile at 'date'" >> /tmp/kernelcompile.txt
    echo "BAD modules compile at 'date'" >> /tmp/kernelcompile.txt

    #Uncomment these 3 lines if not using RH kernel source
    # echo "make clean and start again"
    # sleep 2
    # make clean


    Jim H

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    Re: Exerciser

    I fogot to add you also might want to run memtest86 on it.

    Jim H


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