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Thread: Selection of questions

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    Selection of questions

    1) Mosfet Liquid (

    I downloaded it coz it looked cool but can't get it to work.
    I did what it said, #make -f Makefile.cvs; ./configure; su; make install
    then it said to put /usr/local/kde/bin in $PATH, #export PATH=/usr/local/kde/bin:$PATH and then change the colours / style/window decoration in the Look & Feel Section of KDE control center, but they are not there.
    Also, there is nothing about liquid in /usr/local/kde/bin
    Im using Mandrake 8.1. Any help would be great

    2) Music File Manager
    If any of you have used BeOS, you will know that it has great support fot media files (eg mp3s) and you can basicly sort them in any way you want using the ID3 tags.
    Windows ME and XP also have a limited "nice" support but i can't find anything for KDE that does the same thing.
    Something like a picture browser for Music files that can save everything in a database and let you organise the files in any way possible, if you know of anything could you let me know.

    I thought i had something else to ask, but i have forgotten, will get back to you on it....


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    Re: Selection of questions

    I remembered the 3rd quietion
    3) LP -> Mp3
    I have a selection of Lps/Records/whatever you want to call them and want to move them onto my computer as mp3s.
    I know i can use lame to go from wav -> mp3 but need something to get it onto my computer. I have the necessary equipment, i just need the software. Does anyone know of some good recording software that i can use

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    Re: Selection of questions

    Will have to look at Liquid, but the path is wrong Madrake doesn't put KDE in /usr/local.

    For the music software try searching

    Jim H

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    Re: Selection of questions

    Thanks, ill look into where KDE is, and i think i have found some great sound recording software, if only i can get it to compile..... :-/

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