I'm a newbie to Linux- so far so good.
I am currently trying to get a PPP connection to MSN, but first I need to get the system to recognize the modem. It is an Intel HaM MD563x using the kernel 2.4 driver "408-2". During bootup, there is a line stating something regarding the obsolete /dev/cua, which is the older serial port device. I can dial out using Minicom, but the system does not otherwise recognise the modem (using the Dialup configuration utility in the GNOME desktop). Is Minicom using the cua device? If so, is there a way to assign a ttyS to a cua device?

Also, providing that I can get to MSN, what other parameters might be needed to run PPP? Through Minicom, I was able to get a login and password, but it returned 'Bad Password' when I tried to login. Could this be an authentication problem?

Any help will be appreciated!
thanks, Plantiful