I've been trying everything to get the video configuration to work with my MediaGX computer. I'm a complete newbie trying to set up Debian potato. I got the monitor specs easily enough on the web, but the built-in video for the MediaGX is harder to find. I played with the numbers in xf86Config, and I've gone from text (that worked) to, well, something that looks like it should work but doesn't. I have a sort-of graphical interface now. : The resolution seems to be stuck at 640x480, since xfree deleted all the other options. It's not stable, and goes into a shimmer at the slightest excuse. I can make menus pop up, but they don't *do* anything, and the mouse won't move from the bottom of the screen. And I can't get back into text mode. If I press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace it goes to text for a second, then back into the graphical mode. It won't stabilize there. So now I'm having trouble making any more changes that might help. From here I'm having trouble even getting back to xf86config. Any suggestions would be welcome.