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Thread: mouse wont work -HELP PLZ -

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    mouse wont work -HELP PLZ -

    I have just installed red hat 7.1. But on booting it up I find that the mouse isnt working. it was during the install.
    The mouse is a microsoft serial mouse. which is what i selected during installation.

    I am very much a newbie to linux - so if there is a solution please tell me with lots of details.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: mouse wont work -HELP PLZ -

    Well,I have not played with Redhat lately,but on your desktop go to control panel click on it and then click on the mouse icon and should be able to reconfigure your mouse.Hope this helps a little.

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    Re: mouse wont work -HELP PLZ - tell you the truth I am sure it is just in your xf86config file. Here is what I would try doing...this is how I got my logitech mouse to working

    1. At the prompt type XF86Setup (case sensitive)

    2. Using you keyboard select mouse setup

    3. The two places your mouse might be is /dev/mouse or /dev/psaux. I guess it could be other places to, but these are the most likely.

    4. Select that and then try different mouse types, but I have a feeling it is just the mouse port your having a problem with

    5. then tab over to apply and then hit the space bar to apply the changes and try your mouse out to see if it is working.

    If for some reason XF86Setup isn't installed with RH 7.1 run xf86config and you'll have to type out /dev/psaux or /dev/mouse....if you need more help, let us know!

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