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Thread: Underclocking help

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    Underclocking help

    I'm looking at underclocking a new pc I'm getting (Its gonna be an mp3 server) Its gonna run a celeron 850. Can anyone point me to some docs or tell me the best way to underclock it? If I underclock it, will the watts it uses from the PSU decrease?


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    Re: Underclocking help

    Yup... underclocking... same as overclocking... only backwards

    still get a good Heatsink, set the CPU to run at the least possible FSB you can, set multiplier (if possible - don't think soo on that CPU) low low low split fan wires to give 7 volts instead of 12 volts to the cpu fan... same for the PSU fan (for noise control)

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    Re: Underclocking help

    One note of caution -- underclocking is less dangerous than overclocking, but not more stable. There is circuitry inside the chip that is designed for a certain frequency range. Thats why overclocking the fastest chip to beyod what the technology really allowed its creators at the time to do with the CPU/GPU. Not to say it wont work, but if you have instability issues, that is the first place I would look.

    To verify my knowledge here, I had to do a 50 page report on something at college. I chose the techology in the Intel processor line. I figured it would give me enough play to get at least 50 pages, and I was right -- 74 with diagrams and schematics.


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