Ok, I have put my Mandrake distro on the back shelf and have moved on to bigger, and maybe better things. I am torn between SuSe and Debian, but since SuSe is built on Debian technology, I might as well go for the real thing. Trust me when I say that Debian is not for the light hearted. I was up all night last night and still haven't quite got my Video Card to working. I am submitting an OMP to the site after I get it working which I should have done in a few hours. After I get off work I am going straight home and working on it. Here is what steps I have done whether successful or not.

1. I played with my XF86Config file until I was blue in the face
2. After way to many hours I decided to reasearch the problem
3. I found that I needed a NVidia driver downloaded from the Nvidia website (which I should have known from the beggining from when I had my Ultra TNT2).
4. Well then I tried installing the tarballs....ha...that was a joke. I had to apt the source for Linux, then that didn't work because it was only a modified source (distro specific).
5. Then did some more linux searching and found that I needed to download the current kernel. Augh...25meg on a 56k, ick. Well set my computer to it and next morning woke up and went to work.
6. Configured, make dep, make install, make modules, make modules_install, lilo, then I had a bootable kernel. Well so I thought. Obviously Linux is still a little picky on its USB settings which I have a USB keyboard, well that was a little bit of tweaking and got it to work. Now I have an updated kernel, my Video card should work now, right? Wrong!
7. Ok, now I tried making the NVidia_kernel install and it can't load the friggin module!!! So I insmod the module and it loads, but does that give me what I want? NO!!! Also, modprobe can't find it still...
8. Modprobe --help gives me a list of commands that I then use Modprobe -c for it to show me the current configuration,t hen I see that modprobe looks in certain directories for the modules, it isn't just being loaded into memory or something. So I move the directory that I need to the kernels source directory and move the module to the directory. NOW IT SHOULD WORK!!! nope, still not working.
9. Ok, now back to the books. I then start reading about a nv driver that I am supposed to have loaded, well my XF86Config file knows nothing of a nv driver or a glx module which is also supposed to be loading! ah ha! my problem lays with XFree86.
10. On to the XFree86 website and I now see that I have to download the latest 4.1.0 X server. So I set my computer to work again and I am at work now so you'll see the OMP tonight or day after tomorrow!