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    Linux User Groups

    Alright, I've got some of my fellow 9th graders together and we're planning to start a Linux User Group. Already read everything I could find on the web (ie. Not Much). A really cool thing is that one of my friend's dad, who works for sun micro, decided to donate a decent computer as a demo.

    Anyway, what I wanna know is, what kind of experiences do you guys have - layout, planning, whatever. We could use some ideas, since there's no real way to form a LUG.

    btw, Aragorn, I like the layout.

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    Re: Linux User Groups

    My experience is: Hope the coordinator doesn't book a room that has theatre seating all facing the same way... hurts the neck.

    Especially when the person that was supposed to be standing up from doesn't show, and everyone your talking to is 3 rows above you...

    Ah well. I say plan to have a fair sized room with atleast a couple of tables where people can sit and chat, and actually face eachother. Also plan out things you want to get done, and talk to the group about what they want to get done. Something the group here did was take a day, bring in a bunch of older computers, and everyone set up their favorite distro's on them. As far as I know ( I haven't gone lately ) they kept them there and they use them for servers or just run shells so people can play around in environments they may not normally be able to use. I think eventually getting a couple of systems for people to play and learn on at meetings is a good idea for sure, not necessarily the way they did it here though.

    I dunno what else, I haven't been to many meetings where I am, as they don't seem to do enough planning...

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