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Thread: CD basics

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    CD basics

    When you type eject to eject the CD ROM what do you type to get the system to read the next CD? It doesn't just read it automatically.


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    Re: CD basics

    mount /dev/cd0 ( or whatever your device is )
    That may be the problem. If the device is improperly unmounted when the disc is ejected, you'll need to remount it.

    If it asks for a filesystem type it should be: mount -t iso9660 /dev/cd0

    I could be wrong, as I'm a newbie.

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    Re: CD basics

    That sounds about right, though its /dev/cdrom on my system, or the physical drive name (hdc/hdd etc)
    I think most current distros also have "supermount" which mounts the disk when you enter the mnt directory


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    Re: CD basics

    /dev/cdrom is right... both my linux boxes aren't accesible right now, so I couldn't check.

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