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Thread: cga's 2006 Rootin' Tootin' Software Roundup

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    cga's 2006 Rootin' Tootin' Software Roundup

    Ironically, shortly after I posted this, my entire system changed radically and is in a state of flux. No clue where it will end up yet.

    OK. Looks like I am here now:

    Distro: CentOS

    Desktop: Gnome (Red Hat default. Works.)

    Most used (daily) apps: Firefox, Gaim, xmms, Emacs, Gnome-Terminal.
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    Here is my list of software choices ...

    Distro : Ubuntu Breezy

    Email : Sylpheed (also checking out Evolution but I still prefer Sylpheed)

    Browser: Firefox

    Office Suite : OpenOffice.Org (Mainly to view spreadsheet and Doc send by others)

    Business spreadsheet : Calc (OpenOffice.Org)

    Image Editor : GIMP

    HTML Editor : NVU

    Text Editor: Gedit

    Drawing : Dia

    P2P : BitTorrent

    FTP - Client side : gFTP

    Chat : Xchat, Gaim & Licq

    Financial Software : GnuCash (Can import from both Quicken and MS Money)

    Music/Movie player : Totem with Xine backend

    System Sensor : GKrellM

    That's about what I mainly use frequently.
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