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Thread: LinuxJunior Update

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    LinuxJunior Update

    Welcome LinuxJunior members. Only the posts and threads have been imported to date. I intend to do the user accounts tonight after which your logins should be OK.

    Please continue to use the LinuxJunior forums till such time.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I just want to give you all an update on the status of the migration.

    In general the DB importation seems to have gone smoothly. There was a snafu which I detected a little too late. The passwords and email addresses didn't import correctly.

    I have corrected the email addresses, but the code in YABBSE and the vBulletin importation utility is too cloudy for me to figure out where the passwords went wrong.

    Please login and do a password recovery and let me know if it works smoothly. The link is:

    I tested it on a beta account on my staging system, and it seems to have worked OK.

    I have read the LinuxJunior comments about the move with great interest, and understand the apprehensions that members may have. Change can be a little unsettling.

    Don't worry. As stated from the beginning, LinuxJunior, external to the forums will remain as is.

    I will redirect all traffic on the LinuxJunior forum to OpenFree on Friday, so that you can all have time to chat about things without all the new people around. The LinuxJunior forum database updates after February won't be moved. This should guarantee a little forum privacy for a few days.

    On Friday, I'll set up a redirection page which will explain that the forums have been moved and that members will have to request a new password.

    There will be an overlap of users in the old and new forums. "Radar" was a case in point. Duplicates are imported with an "imported_" prefix (eg. "imported_radar"). If this happens to you and you want a name change, please contact me via the forums.

    I must say that I have adopted a number of LinuxJunior features on OpenFree. I really liked the forum categories, which were much more intuitively laid out than at OpenFree, and I have moved things around. I also created sub-forums to reduce the clutter on the home page. For example, the Windows, Mac and UNIX sections have been combined under the "Other Operating Systems" forum. These were sections that OpenFree didn't have at all. The general discussion categories were also a welcome touch that I have retained in their own section.

    I hope this helps. Once again, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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    okie - we are here hey peter!
    telnet 1701

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    Thanks for coming over! I hope you guys will all feel at home. It's true, the forum is younger than LinuxJunior, but it should still be a great community.

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    Welcome, to the members of LinuxJunior, to! As a former member of the now integrated, I look forward to getting to know you.

    Welcome, and let the posting begin!
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