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Thread: Single No More

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    Re:Single No More

    [quote author=The Great Mojo Jojo link=board=17;threadid=10873;start=0#msg97429 date=1137364107]
    congrats saptech ;D

    how many of us are still single or unmarried still??

    NOT married. Want to be single. There is not enough beer on the planet to make change my mind. I figure I will post my freedom post in the next few months. Once I install "Cover my ass 2.0."

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    Re:Single No More

    [quote author=stryder144 link=board=17;threadid=10873;start=0#msg97447 date=1137555254]
    Hahahaha...trickster...may you be cursed, er, blessed with many daughters! To say the least, he'd have to wait a long time before the first one became available for dating.

    As to all those who have become engaged...congrats! I hope you all have great marriages!


    I'm not that fussed, the legal limit here is 15 so honestly what's another 10 years of waiting to become related to Jim

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