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Thread: 64bit Java Plugin?

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    64bit Java Plugin?

    Hey all,

    After much cursing and messsing around, I managed to get Java installed on my machine. (Fedora Core 4, x86_64). After much more cursing while trying to get the Java plugin to work with Firefox, I discover that there is no 64 bit plugin. Can anyone confirm this? Are there any plans to make one some time soon?

    I sure would hate to have to travel backwards and install the 32 bit version of Firefox or worse yet, install windows on this box. I need Java to work for my brokerage account or I wouldn't really care.

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    Don't feel so bad I got a Athlon 64 3000+ and I only run 32-bit os's on it. your chip rocks if you have a 64 or 32 bit OS. Its still a fledgling technology that will be java and flash ready soon.

    you can also chroot to a 32bit os to use it as well to get the best of both worlds. But don't go back to windows, apparently its a bad time right now so I hear.

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    for once I'm happy about not being cutting edge of hardware, anyway

    I've seen mixed messages about getting java plugged in 64-bit, but more clear that other plugins aren't working at all.

    Threads I was looking at (or the ones I didn't close):

    Good luck to you guys.

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