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Thread: i want some books

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    i want some books

    hello all
    i want agood book for c++
    many boooooooks
    i want it to make me aprogrammer

    zaid almtewti

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    Re:i want some books

    If it isn't spam : go to and search for c++

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    Re:i want some books

    And I want a $1.000.000, but for starters, you could pick up just about any C/C++ programming book.
    For C++ I would recommend Bjarne Stroustrups the C++ Programming language and then Nicolai M. Josuttis the C++ standard library
    For C I would recommend Greg Perrys The absolute beginners guide to C and then K&R The C programming language where Stephen Kochans Programming in C (developers library) would be a nice extension.

    For a good laugh you could get M.T. Skinner The C++ Primer and make a contest on how many errors you can locate in the different chaptors.

    And then move onto O'reillys Practical C++ Programming and Practical C Programming
    From there on, man(1) will be your friend.

    For a more system specific, and if you're into network programming (like I am), you could get the UNIX Networking Programming vol 1 and vol 2 which contains alot of nice explanations to network-structures aswell as alot of code examples.

    If you're more into Bezier curves and graphics, then Mason, Jackie and Toms OpenGL Programming Guide will be a good reference.

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    Re:i want some books

    for a cheaper option head to you local librairy.

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    Re:i want some books

    About libraries - My one even hadn't a python book >. I didn't like the online tutorials, they were so strange for me so I wanted a book with exercises and so on. Then I searched amazon and found Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner. I'm really happy with it

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    Re:i want some books

    For a C++ intro book, Sam's teach yourself C++ for Linux is actually excellent, moving on O'Reilly is really one of the few decent publishers out there who carries programming books, I've never gone wrong with an O'Reilly book.

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