Well, folks, I am trying to downsize the amount of extra stuff that I have. Since I am using the "if it hasn't been used in a year" rule, I have decided to put my DEC AlphaStation 200 up for sale. Here are a few specs:

1. 233mhz 64bit processor.
2. 96mb of RAM plus additional modules (m/b is maxed out right now, the extra modules are for backup purposes).
3. 4 gig SCSI-2 (50-pin) hdd.
4. 10baseT ethernet.
5. Assortment of graphics cards (PCI 8mb versions).
6. ISA DEC Soundcard.
7. Extra Alpha processor and assorted parts.
8. External hdd enclosure (no front panel inserts) [it needs an external cable to connect to the computer).
9. Extra 4 gig SCSI-2 hdd with extra cables.

I haven't taken the time to play with it much since I bought it around 2.5 years ago. Last time I checked it worked fine (via null modem cable). If anyone is interested, I can check it to make sure it still works right. I have spent approximately $150 on the computer, extra hdd and external enclosure. The last time I checked, it would cost around $50 plus to ship it.

If anyone is interested, please PM me. I'm only looking for a fair (highly negotiable) price plus actual shipping.