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I've been thinking about trying OS X. I know that it's based on Unix. Does this mean that I could take the source code of Unix/Linux programs, compile it and run it?

What kind of software can you run on OSx86? Do you have to wait for Apple to release MAC software compiled for Intel processors?


I think that's interesting: are DirectX and ActiveX based on X/Unix?

No, they are not based on X/Unix at all. They were developed by M$ as reuseable components (ActiveX) or as a graphics API (DirectX). This was supposed to make things easier. Most of the time it did (which is why you see games that say that they require a DirectX9 compatible video card). Unfortunately, the ActiveX components were really not very well implemented have way too many security issues (M$ Explorer will automatically disable ActiveX components that are embedded in a webpage).


Thanks, now it's clear to me.