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Thread: MS-Windows domain login.

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    MS-Windows domain login.

    Here is the situation I am in. I'm at work with a GNU/Linux laptop, and I would like to athenticate with our domain controllers in the hopes off accessing network resources like shares, the internet, etc ... I don't have administrive access to our servers here at work, and I would just like to authenticate and use the machine as it is without adding it to the network. Any ideas?

    I've searched the internet and found something about kerberos and samba but I can't make the right end of the stick here. Help!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re:MS-Windows domain login.


    you should not need anything from the Windows domain to just access the internet. You can also access network share without being part of the domain. You just need to put in your username and password on the tool you are using. You could use LinNeighborhood or the built-in tools from Gnome or KDE.

    You can add the machine as a member of the domain, but your system administrator might not bee to happy to do that without his consent.
    So anyway, if you give us some information on your setup, we might be able to help you further.

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    Re:MS-Windows domain login.

    All right. Thing is I would need to authenticate with the domain controllers to access the internet not only the domain controllers but one of those "proxy" software. Websense, think censorware. As for adding the machine to the network, I don't think the administrators are too hot on that idea mostly because they don't think too highly off tech support guys. I've read something about kerberos or samba, but I was hoping you guys might have some ideas which did not invlove editing config files by hand. I know that xandros has some sort of MS-Domain thingamajig or something, but their interface looks like poop rather something I might design if I had the time. I'm rambling now. If you guys have had experience authenticating with MS-Domains and wanna share your experience, please do.

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    Re:MS-Windows domain login.

    What version of Linux are you using?
    You don't need to do the Kerberos thing unless you are joining the machine to the domain. Most distributions have ways of accessing Windows shares.
    We used to have Websense at work. I don't remember ever having to authenticate to anything.

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