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Thread: Upgrading MySQL2.X to 5.X

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    Upgrading MySQL2.X to 5.X

    I am trying to upgrade MySQL2.x to MySQL5.x
    on my FedoraC3 machine.

    I would really much like to "upgrade" orso through RPM.
    So I tried to do the follwing to determine what was the exact package name I had to upgrade:

    [tt]rpm -qa | grep -i sql[/tt]

    But it just does nothing (it runs because the cursor goes to the beginning of the next line without a prompt, but no installed packages are displayd).

    How do I solve this? and/or do you guys have alternative solutions?

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    Re:Upgrading MySQL2.X to 5.X

    Hmmm reboot made the RPM -qa possible again.
    But now how to actually upgrade...

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    Re:Upgrading MySQL2.X to 5.X

    I suggest a Advanced Packaging Tool (APT), like apt-get or yum. I think yum is already installed on your system. Try:

    yum -install mysql

    Hope this works

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