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Thread: SCSI Hard Drive

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    SCSI Hard Drive

    Someone will be giving me a 147gb Maxtor scsi hard disk, but I don't have any scsi ports on my system.

    What type of adapter and/or cables would I need to get this working for my system? I do have extra pci ports available.


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    Re:SCSI Hard Drive

    You will need a SCSI card. They used to be expensive, but may have goine down by now. There are a couple different SCSI versions, so it depends on what specific hard drive it is.

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    Re:SCSI Hard Drive

    I'm not quite sure if this is the exact one, but it may be it.

    I won't be able to get the drive till Saturday or so. It is a brand new one and a 147gb in size. All it will be is a barebone drive, no cables or anything else.


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    Re:SCSI Hard Drive

    That uses a 68-pin wide scsi adapter. you need a card with that specification, and make sure it includes the cable.

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    Re:SCSI Hard Drive

    LOL-did you post over at LQ?? I almost answered that post when it was 0 response. Maybe I did. I forgot. :-[

    And might I add that its a U320, so maybe a U320 HBA is in order?

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    Re:SCSI Hard Drive

    Yes that was me over at LQ. ;D Man, and these things are expensive. I don't want to pay a whole lot for a controller. I got six wives and two kids to take care of! (j/k)

    Anybody know of some under $50?

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    Re:SCSI Hard Drive

    I'd recommend to get an Adaptec one from Ebay.

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    Re:SCSI Hard Drive

    Just make sure you have the right card for your drive. As long as the card is match to your drive's interface, you will do just fine.

    I have some SCSI cards laying around if you are interested. I will look for them if you want it. I believed that it's dual channel Ultrawide and WideSCSI formats. Let me know if you want me to give you the exact spec and model number.

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