hello, i'm in a real pickle...
i used a driver for reading ext2/3 partitions under windows xp. and i also checked the "force write" button (stupid me). i then used it to delete some stuff off my ext3 partitions and now my free space is being reported wrongly. it's like i never deleted the files in the first place. later though, a new version of the program appeared and in the changelog was this:
* Bugfix: File allocation blocks are not freed when being deleted
so i'm guessing that's my problem. how do i free the blocks? i've tried everything, i've formatted my partition to ntfs (thoroughly), then ran some programs to "wipe free space" and then deleted the partition and made another ext3... i still have 3gb occupied with virtually nothing, just like before. the weird part is that i can write normally on them with ext2fsd (the prog i used), just that linux counts its free space by the file allocation blocks... how do i free them? i've tried about everything, even filling it up via ext2fsd and deleting from linux. still doesn't work. it reports 0B free until i delete 3gb, then it starts counting.
please help!

EDIT: I'm sorry, I just figured it out, it was the space allocated for root, specified by the -m <number> parameter in mkfs.ext3 command... the windows driver is of course unaware of that special allocated space and will of course use it as normal space... sorry for filling the forum uselessly...... but anyway, it's still a good thing to point out