This is not a is!

Went to print some reports today. Opened up OO and sent the print jobs away. Let the first few pages come out and then I started to organize them. Looked at the first page and found streaks of missed print area. I'm thinking WTF? I just changed the drum a week ago and the toner cartridge is new. I stopped the print job and pulled the drum and toner just to check it. Cleaned the corona wire...slapped it back in and restarted the print job. Missed print again!!!!

Being the savvy tech that I am...I look for the easy solution and grab another drum and toner cartridge from the other pritner downstairs. I sit back and resend the jobs. Again missed print. Now I'm getting pissed. I yank the drum unit out and shine a flashlight through the projection glass and see what looks like dirt on the top of the glass. Now I'm thinking to the hell does dirt get inside the darned thing? I scratch my head and decide to take the thing apart and clean it out.

Boy, was I in for a surprise! After taking the shell off, I notice an ant scurry across the fuser housing. I turn the unit around and look at the laser housing and see quite a few ants. Damn..the little bastards made a nest inside my printer!!! :shock:

I pull the cover off the fuser housing and to my relief they didn't make it in there. I then proceed to the laser housing and remove the screws. I pull the laser unit out and place it off to the side and notice a few worker ants moving some stuff around the projection glass. I dump some grain alcohol on the glass to kill the ants then wipe the mess. I grab the laser housing to re-install it and feel a trail of ants running down my hand. Now I'm really pissed cause I know what that means. I take a few deep breaths and get my temper back under control and proceed to remove the covers off the laser housing. I quickly notice that there are 10 times the amount of ants as what I just removed from the projection glass. I disconnected the wires and took the assembly outside with my trusty can of compressed air and blew it out.

Satisified that I had solved the problem and everyhting was clean, I put it all back together, plugged the printer in, slapped the drum unit in and turned it on.....I get a cover open light! I take it all apart again and check all the levers everything is lined up..tested the operation..looked good. Put it all back together. Well, guess what? Yep..cover open error again.

I realized at this point that if this was a customers printer, I would have just spent two hours working on it. At $45 an hour for troubleshooting and cleaning, my customer just paid me about what a new printer of the same model costs. But me being the tech that I am...I gotta solve this problem that I had inadvertently caused due to the damn ants getting inside my printer..........I still decide to get a new printer...what the hell...only 100 bones. I hook the new printer and send all my print jobs.

Now I am fat, dumb and happy cause my reports are printed and decide to check the old printer once more. Well.........a few beers and one new printer later......I still get that damn open cover error and I realized I just printed 120 f*&king pages of the wrong damned reports!!!!!!

I QUIT!!!!!!! :P