My daughters email has been used by someone we don't know and they had "obtained without us knowing" her password. They have sent emails to various people in her address list but not the same message - the email usually relates to the person receiving the message. With the received email that was forwarded to me by one that rcvd a messae the IP address was listed as the received from address, but my daughters email address was the one used to send the message. From that I was able to locate what I think is the provider "Comcast Cable IP Svcs EASTERNSHOR-1" and it also listed "Comcast Cable, Inc. Texas (Net-24-23-80-0-1). It could easily be a student from her school (Middle School) and I don't have a big problem but they are making her life a living hell because of what they are sending and saying to others. I'd just like to call the parent and let them know - or I'd like to know if someone we don't know is in her computer (so to speak).

I know alot about computers but speak in southern plain english.