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Thread: dhcp server

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    dhcp server

    Im googling my life away now, but does anyone have any docs on serving IP address on 2 networks using 1 linux box with 3 Nics?


    LNX BOX w 3 NICs (one in INTERNET zone)
    DMZ and OFFICE NETWORKS/zones <-- this is where i want to issue IP addresses

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    Re:dhcp server

    I used the manuals over at Red Hat to configure mine up. They basically hold your weener while you pee. I went from a blank document to a fully configured DHCP server in 10-15 minutes. Its that simple and that well laid out in the documentation.

    PG 135 in the PDF

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    Re:dhcp server

    Two things that you might find interesting:


    And this

    Without any penis holding though....


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