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Thread: Distro with vendor support

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    Distro with vendor support

    Is there any vendoe supported Linux distro that has:
    a) good support for Video/audo codex (means you install the distro and it plays mp3, music, dvd and windows codecs out of the box)
    b) has good built-in wireless card support
    c) Has some proprietary goodies like micromedial players and so on.

    I'm willing to pay for it but I'm not sure of there is such a thing....
    (Linspire, JDS, SUSE - Buisiness LInux Desktop?)

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    Re:Distro with vendor support

    I think Linspire does. Mandrake might.

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    Re:Distro with vendor support

    I took a look at Linspire site - looks impressive. The price tag is 50 Bucks.
    I'm downloading the LievDemoCD now.

    Anybody has been playing around with Linspire lately? Any good/bad reviews?


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    Re:Distro with vendor support

    Schotty swears by it.

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    Re:Distro with vendor support

    any particulars?

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    Re:Distro with vendor support

    It Linspire sucks in my book. Everything is played down way too much. Not too many options. ANd I believe Linspired messing up my home dir.

    It is good for like your grandparents trying to get on linux. THats about it.

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    Re:Distro with vendor support

    I wonder if there are any vendor supported distros that do a good job with gnome.

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    Re:Distro with vendor support

    I'm not sure how it is but what about Xandros? Take a look at it. From my experience with Linspire, I think it's a pretty good distro, vendor supported. I'm not sure about the wireless part but alot of the others seems good. But I ididn't try CNR.

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    Re:Distro with vendor support

    [quote author=trickster link=board=7;threadid=10762;start=0#msg96606 date=1129745063]
    Schotty swears by it.

    Yep. What I would do, is if you choose to go with them is to buy CNR and download the iso of Linspire. They try to ding you andother $50 by charging for the OS and CNR. DOnt pay twice ;D

    As for codecs -- all there. Quicktime, WMV, MP3, Ogg, etc.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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