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Thread: open source alternative to quickbooks

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    Ditto that, thobped. Didnt know about that site.

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    I know I'm a little late here but I wanted to add a package called phpBMS that's pretty slick, BSD-licensed, and runs on any LAMP server. I use it for my business and like that it can invoice, track payments, and also keep my customer list all in a mysql database. Really helps should I want to export it or script against it in the future. There are also a few modules for it that do recurring invoices, MailChimp integration, and if you're like me and bill hourly for services that later need to be invoiced at some point there's the Time Entry module(disclaimer: which I wrote and use).

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    Thumbs up phpMoneyBooks

    phpMoneyBooks is the free web based QuickBooks alternative that I use. I replaced Quickbooks with phpMoneyBooks and it has features that Quickbooks doesn't have like an area for clients to login and check their statements and an envelope printer module to print envelopes for my statements and it also has a time sheet module that employees can use for jobs and then accountant level users can adjust and bill out later as well as the usual stuff of tracking accounts and printing invoices. Runs on a simple php/mysql server and you can rent server space from the developer and always have the most up to date copy installed for you...
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