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Thread: Vmware & Mepis

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    Vmware & Mepis

    I'm trying to install Mepis on a Win 2000 Pro VMW workstation. Do I need to create a swap virtual partition or do I just leave the whole virtual partition and let mepis handle all that?

    This is my first time using VMWare.

    The first time I installed mepis from cd, I did create a separate partition for swap and it looks like everything installed. But time to reboot/restart, I get the kernel panic message about 'can't open root device, sda2 or unknown-block(0,0)'

    'Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)'

    Any ideas/suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?


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    Re:Vmware & Mepis

    When you create your VM, you will allocate whatever space to give it. So if you can spare a 10GB chunk of your drive, the VM sees a 10GB hard disc that can then be partitioned as you need.

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    Re:Vmware & Mepis

    Thnx for the reply Schotty. I've switched distros and installed Ubuntu Warty from cd disc. But it didn't add X so I'm using console only at the moment and ran into another problem.

    This time I went to install the linux tools and it's stuck on creating a /mnt/hgfs directory, saying its on a Read-Only mount point, which is directed to /dev/cdrom.

    What gives? Why can't it be simple?

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    Re:Vmware & Mepis

    Ok, I've reinstalled Ubu from an ISO and followed some instructions and now everything is working fine & dandy.

    Instead of mounting /dev/cdrom /mnt, I just left that part out and it was able to write the /mnt/hgfs to regular /mnt.

    Thnx for all the help.

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