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Thread: mp3 management

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    mp3 management

    Hello guys,

    I am trying to manage my mp3 collection. First I need something to correct funky named mp3s. I also would like to find something that will creat a list with the mp3's name and quality(128).

    Please post your suggestions.

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    Re:mp3 management

    For windows or mac you can use Music Brainz,

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    Re:mp3 management

    How about linux?

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    Re:mp3 management

    doesn't rythme box do that? also - from the 'cool apps thread' madman looks good - >

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    Re:mp3 management

    Definitely look into amaroK. It is a Qt app but it is really awesome. I believe it has a music brainz extension you could use. Otherwise, as it has been mentioned, Rhythmbox is good, and MPD is awesome. I would personally go with MPD as amaroK is Qt and I kinda don't like Qt that much.

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    Re:mp3 management

    I have been using LSongs on Linspire to get it all done. I have alot of ID3 tags that needed corrections or had none at all to begin with. They just recently added iPod support. The only iPod that hasn't been verified last I read was the iPos Shuffle.

    You could try to get it working by going here:

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    Re:mp3 management

    Sorry, I didn't explain my self correctly. Anyone know any tool that renames files automatically. Like through the use of CDDB?

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    Re:mp3 management

    there are scripts out there that can tag all of the files in a directory.... - that tag will be after the filename of course...

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    Re:mp3 management

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