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Thread: Need CMS decission help

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    Need CMS decission help

    Hey Guys,

    So I am wanting to set up a webpage/site for my WoW guilde. So I added a subdomain and now I want to add a CMS (I think) to it so that I and some officers from the guilde can edit the info on it. Can you guys name a CMS that you have used that was decent to use?

    I have heard of:


    I have never used a CMS product so I would like something that has a decenlty easy learning curve. Maybe a CMS isn't even what I need I'm not sure.

    All I want to do is have some links that the guildies will have to use, some basic info, maybe a poll, and then the big one would be that I could add a couple of users that could be able to add some info that would appear on the front page.


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    Re:Need CMS decission help

    check for realtime comparison.
    I am using drupal and happy with it..

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    Re:Need CMS decission help

    I use PostNuke. Stay away from PHPNuke, it's got too many security holes. PostNuke is based off PHPNuke but completely re-written. I've heard good things about Drupal as well but never got around to actually using it even though I set it up on my web server as a test site. If you want to see PostNuke in action, see here . It's a very lightly modified default theme install but you can see if it will be for you.

    If you als want to take a look at admin functions, PM me and I can hook you up to see what's inside for a few days.

    HTH ...


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