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Thread: Home networking fun

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    Home networking fun

    Alright, so here's the setup, I have a cable modem, connected to router A, which is connected to another router (B) that I have set up to act merely as a switch (using LAN port, not WAN, with DHCP disabled on it) with 2 computers hooked up to the switch. Now this is working fine for internet access, (i'm using it right now ) but for some reason, with this setup I can't access the settings for the router A. I can ping the router, and it's acting as my gateway, but if I try and use the web based configuration it just times out. Does anyone know why it would be doing this, and how to fix it?

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    Re:Home networking fun

    I have pretty much the same setup and it works perfectly. I can adjust the settings on both routers from any PC, regardless of which router the PC is directly linked to.

    Have you checked the IP filters on Router B to make sure it's not stopping you from accessing the IP address of Router A (and vice versa)? You might also want to turn off DHCP on both routers to see if that helps.

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    Re:Home networking fun

    Heh, so I figured it out. The settings were all fine, just router A had crapped out for some reason, and was working fine, but it's settings couldn't be accessed at all. I reset it and now I'm in flavour country. Thanks for the help.

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