Is the new version of mandriva linux (2005, not the new 2006 beta)
safe to make it dual boot with win2kpro? I ask this because i had problems after installing mandrake 10 (not the final version) in dual boot . (boot loader screwed up)

Atm I have mandrake 10.1 together with win2kpro on an older duron 800mhz pc, but i'd like to use my newer machine for linux now.
(its an athlon2200+, abit nf7-s mobo, 2 maxtor 80gb 8mb cache HD's, lite-on dvdrw and cdrw, 524mb apacer ddr333. sapphire radeon 9800 xt, hercules smarttv card )

which one would safest to use in dual boot ? the older mandrake 10.1, or mandriva 2005 limited edition (which i am downloading right now)