I went to BestBuy today (first time to the Rapid City one, even though I've lived here for over a year). I was browsing the music section and started to make a mental list of all the cd's I wanted to purchase. Here is what makes me think that I might be getting older:

1. A lot of the cd's were marked down to about $9.99...new stuff never gets that low unless it sucks.
2. A lot of the cd's were by artists that no longer record (Earth Wind and Fire for instance) or were dead (Marvin Gaye, Barry White).
3. None of the songs I wanted were recorded after, say, 1985.
4. I hated most of the songs when I was young. Now I want them.
5. I could hear the songs as I read the titles.

So, nostalgia has hit me full on. Out of the 80 cd's I've purchased in the last nine months...only five or six were recorded after 1990 or 1991. I feel pathetic.