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    Web Design and Hosting

    After being laid off from my real job, I am working to get up and running as a freelance web designer and hosting service provider. If anyone hears of or knows of any opportunities (or needs anything), please send them my way (I'd also be willing to do subcontract work for anyone who has project overload). My website is I am also offering FreeBSD server accounts.

    Thanks folks.

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    I build my web site and got my reseller plans through this site i bought domain name here it provides the hosting as free of cost you can try this .It also has the best tools for building the website .hope this also helps.

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    you can try to find out some freelancing jobs by placing your profile

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    I'll watch out for you. I run an affiliate program with my company to cover the entire US. Let me know, (in a PM), what area, and I'll be sure to add you to the SEO of the site.
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