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Thread: im very sorry

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    im very sorry

    ive never used Linux before and im stuck with RedHat 9 (shrike) and i dont know anything about Linux at all i need some help can someone in any way help me learn a little? and when i say i know nothing i literally mean i dont know anything whatsoever about Linux

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    Re:im very sorry

    What is it you want to know?

    These pets listed here may be a good place to start.

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    Re:im very sorry

    ill check them out thank u ive been lost in Linux for days

    well i lost my Windows CD and cant get a new one and so i tried Linux and well i wanted to try to use Cedega and i didnt know anything it was talking about i also dont know how to install anything wat so ever.

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    Re:im very sorry

    umm wat is Bash?

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    Re:im very sorry

    bash is a command like - like a dos prompt - but it has many excellent functions.

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    Re:im very sorry

    well i got Cedega to work but when i run my game my whole comp just dies

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    Re:im very sorry

    [quote author=JohnJacob link=board=1;threadid=10670;start=0#msg95837 date=1126158531]
    well i got Cedega to work but when i run my game my whole comp just dies

    did you install your video card drivers? also what game are you trying to play?

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    Re:im very sorry


    I suggest you post exact symptoms and errors, so we can help you troubleshoot it.
    Also, you might want to start a new thread with a descriptive subject (such as the kind of error you are getting or such.) That way, if anyone else is experiencing the problem you have, they can find your thread and benefit from it.

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    Re:im very sorry

    Hello there, and welcome to the forums.

    As a great suggestion, as a longtime GNOME and Red Hat user -- go and download the latest Fedora Core 4 DVD or installation discs, and then read up on my Tips and Tricks page.

    That will give much better performance, better usability, and an overall better atmosphere. You are using the Win ME of Red Hat ;D Well maybe what MS intended ME to be :P

    Then what you want to do is grab the nVIDIA drivers using yum and the Livna repo. That will get you some good OpenGL support and speed. Plus, the 2.6.12 kernel is alot better than the 2.4.19 or whatever that RH9 uses.

    I highly reccomend this:

    Download the Fedora Core 4 DVD (or PM me your address and I can mail you a copy if you are on dialup).

    Install it, and I reccomend using the Install everything option.

    Add the new repos, per my guide. Then open up a Command Prompt and run
    yum update


    Install the new nVIDIA drivers as my guide states


    Install the Point2Play rpm

    Install your game

    Enjoy the game, and a great OS ;D

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    Re:im very sorry

    well i was trying to play Starsiege: Tribes but ill try the Fedora Core 4 DVD thx for your help


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