well tonight I got into a minor accident in Stanley Park. Everyone is ok, what happend was my car started to bottem out cause of a full car and poor road maintainace. while in the middle of the turn my right rear tire blew off the rim and swirved off into a small ditch which thankfuly I went in rear first and was able to get the car out. I then noticed that even a tiny turn of the wheel would make me slide (drove flat almost to parking lot) so I finally decided to stop and take a look at the damage. The first thing that I saw was my rear right smoking like crazy. and the front, right side, roof, hood and back were insainly muddy. but no damage . We were lucky enough to know someone that lived like less then 30min away and brought tools.

but what was really pissing me off was that all the people that drive by did shit all, not even asking if we were ok, all they did was just slow right down and look some even used there highbeams.

I got a question for all of you...if you see someone in need of help what would you do honestly!! would you ask if there ok? do you need help with something?

one thing is we had this on video and when this whole incdent happend everything was in slow motion but when you look at the footage it all happend sooo quicky...I even cried...yes I cried because I was the driver and it was my responsiblity to keep them safe and I failed at it.

also the tire was also not in good condition I told my dad about several time and he said it would be fine! HA!! so people if you have a bad tire even though it may seem fine take it from me FIX IT!!! something just might happen! who cares if you gotta buy a new tire it's cheaper to buy a new tire then to loose you life or something else bad happen to you or others.

sorry for the ranting long post but I felt I had to say something.